Hello world!

This is my first blog on wordpress – so here goes.  I am an artist/painter living in Largo, Florida after several years of traveling.  We are settled here for a while, so I hope to connect with other artists in the area.  I plan on pushing myself to do this blog thing every day – ( a great commitment for me! ) to better engage with the outside world… I seem to have trouble with that sometimes.  Although it is now technically Monday morning, I will count this first blog as my Sunday, first day of the week blog.  I was supposed to begin the first of the year, but, again – I kind of suck at engaging with the outside world.  So – Hello, fellow bloggers!  I promise, tomorrow I WILL have something to say that is worthy for the blogging world to read.  Tonight, though, I am committed to my studio…to my other world… the one that nurtures my soul.  🙂

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. yea!! An artist of great interest!!! Can’t wait to read the thoughts you put out there for the rest of us, Kelly!
    Who knows .. your commitment may nudge many more art experiences? You’ll have a thoughtful, provocative body of work to show for it 🙂

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