Still Life

Artists buy their fruits and vegetables in the Still Life section at the market. (Stella Violano)

This is so tragically funny and true!  I seem to spend an exorbitant amount of time just eyeballing the produce at the market, only purchasing the most exceptional specimens.  The colors are incredible!  I find it difficult, sometimes to cut into the perfect flesh of an unmarred summer squash – the long, curved “neck” and swollen bulb of the “belly” – a crime to dismember her…  When tomatoes are  the fullest and with those adorable, leafy stems still attached, I buy tons of them – even when they are at the highest prices ever and when I will never be able to consume the lot of them myself, as they are beautiful, but bland.  To see the beauty in the simplest things is the one of the most rewarding things I could ask for… I challenge anyone working in a cubicle to do it 🙂

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