Strings attached

I am continuing a 3 dimensional project which uses used, whole guitar/bass strings.  It is an ongoing  process that is in need of materials…  I only have a limited supply of strings, as I only have regular access to one man’s discards.  I am assembling sculptures and have one done that used approximately 3 sets, which was not nearly enough for what I initially intended.  I would love to find some local musicians that would be interested in saving them whole after changing them so I can continue with my project without it taking forever.   With enough donated, I can assemble enough to get this project out of my system.

I live in Largo, FL, and if anyone in the area or the surrounding cities is interested, please save them!   It takes quite a few, so if anyone is or knows of any busy musicians that faithfully change their strings a lot, maybe you’d be interested?  If you are an avid donater, I can make it worth it to stockpile them – I will trade a sculpture for them.  As I’ve said – I need a lot…  but any that can be donated would be greatly appreciated – and you can feel good because you’re recycling!  🙂

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