Stuff in the works

Thought I would blog quickly before I really dug too deeply in my studio.  I have put aside several unfinished projects over the summer, as I was moving my studio location and trying to make it all fit together efficiently.  Its comfortable at this point, although I am in desperate need of bookshelves and a good slab of glass to mix on – mine has transformed back into the patio tabletop  🙁

I will be digging my hands back into a small grouping of drawings/paintings on small, scrap woodblocks cut from the ends of lumber, as well as a 3 dimensional project using used materials that I started saving when I couldn’t bear to waste all these beautiful, although now “useless” metal castaways.  My good friend and very talented artist, Susan Mulder works with a lot of used and discarded materials, creating the most beautiful and innovative work that reflects the beauty and organic core of women.  Looking at her new innovations inspires me to really dig back into these old projects that have been shucked into all the corners and hiding places of my studio.  Check her out @ – you won’t be disappointed.

Tonight, I am on my way to finishing this painting – I am also still working on a large diptych from my For Your Entertainment series.  My hands are full, but it’s a good full.

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