I worked today, so I am physically drained.  Even so, my mind has not shut down for the night.  There will be no studio time for me tonight, unfortunately.  I will be thinking, though, of putting brush to canvas and finally finishing the piece I have been working on for what seems forever.  A lot of factors have kept me from my studio in the past – something I need to resolve,  and will resolve…mainly it is my own procrastinating nature.  My most creative times are deep into the night and wee hours of the morning – by then, I tend to burn my body out before I make it into the studio.  I can tell myself I am getting older, but this excuse is just that  – another excuse.  Francis Bacon awoke early each morning, proceeded to spend the early part of most days indulging at  the corner bar – and still worked in his studio afterward for the remainder of each and every day.  He was truly a great artist.  He needed to create, express, share with the world his twisted thoughts and views.  He was rewarded for his persistence, inside and out.  I must overcome my humble nature and go forth with boldness.  I do not create art just for me to look upon what I already know and feel.  I create out of necessity to express my soul to you.  Maybe I will, then, get into that studio tonight.  I have so much to tell you…

One thought on “Wednesday

  1. Kelly, push yourself to just get in there .. commit to a half hour .. you’ll either make it a VERY productive 30 minutes … OR .. you’ll be taken over by the paints, brushes and your inner voice. Time will be irrelevant.

    Love your web site and blog .. I have it marked on my favorites.

    Talk to you later today!!


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