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Back in a Nice, Warm Black

My new website is up and running.  It is still under construction, but more photos, videos and good stuff will be showing up soon.  I've been on hiatus these past few years, taking care of ...
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Summer Breeze…

With coffee in hand, I am sitting outside waiting for rain. Just a sprinkle to cool down the scorching heat of summer. Still in my night clothes at 3 p.m. And trying to get motivated, ...
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Summer Season of Change

Summer feels like it is here...hot, hot and more hot days.  Tomatoes are nestling in the Topsy Turvey, herbs are abundant, jasmine is in full bloom.  Last year's sunflowers are poking up towards the sun ...
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New Work

I am back in cyber-circulation, folks.  It has been many, many months and my thoughts have been a whirlwind of chaos over my head.  Last year went out and the new year came in quietly, ...
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