Month: February 2010

Saturday studio

It is Friday night and I’m worn out from the week.  I have not been to the open drawing studio at the Morean Art Center in a couple weeks, unfortunately… but, I am definitely going tomorrow.  I miss the unbroken block of work time offered, even though I struggle with going to the classroom-like atmosphere.  I need this time tomorrow.  I need to focus.  I have been slacking in my own studio a bit, for my week is full of truly exhausting tasks and my Temperpedic bed is just so snuggley during this arcane  Florida winter.   And I’m still looking for a Quiller wheel to play with….

You’d think that my warm, snuggley, Temperpedic bed would allow me to focus and read some of the library books I brought home over a month ago.   It really is an evil entity, beckoning my sore bag of bones to sink down into it, eating  popcorn and watching dvds of Charmed and old, black and white movies.   I renewed my stock of books last Saturday (instead of going to the art center) and still haven’t cracked open but half of them.  I LOVE reading, but focus is hard to come by these days.  Must work on that.  Maybe its my house-wear – cozy, fuzzy slippers and flannel jammies –  that keeps me from seeing the light of day?  hmmmmm.


I have a new project to begin…  My hubby has been carving wood caricatures – very cool.  My job is to paint them.  I have three completed and waiting for me, but I am hesitant to put brush to them before researching what would be the best materials to use.  It seems everyone has a different opinion on this subject… Any wood carvers out there with any suggestions?  I would love to use oil glazes, but wonder about the drying time and finishing coat.  Acrylic washes are another option, but which paints are the most compatible with wood?  At the Woodcraft store in Clearwater, they had dry pigment acrylic type dye paints that look very interesting, but would be pricey to invest in if they weren’t really the best to do the job.   Such options have this girl in a whirl.  I wouldn’t want to desecrate my hubby’s artwork with a less than superior finish!  So, any suggestions from anyone who has experimented or worked with wood painting would be welcomed.

BTW – good stuff is happening on my other projects – pics soon to follow  🙂  Also, any whole, used guitar/bass strings would be so appreciated…


I love the work of Stephen Hannock, an incredible luminist painter out of New York.  I was trying to find a copy of his book, Luminosity: the Paintings of Stephen Hannock online tonight for a reasonable price – with no luck, sadly.  If you’re not familiar with his work, check him out – he creates breathtaking landscapes.  He is the artist responsible for the fantasy-like scenes in the movie What Dreams May Come….Awesome and beautiful.

Jacques Ousson

There is a French artist I met several years ago when I worked at 531 Central Fine Art in downtown St. Petersburg.  This artist inspired me – his paintings made an incredible impact on  the way I looked at landscape painting, influencing my conclusion that not all landscapes are so green or landscape-y.  Not only did his work blow me away, but his demeanor.  He seemed to not notice the crowds surrounding him and was very comfortable and obliging to all the questions asked of him – all through a translator.  I have a show catalog, still of his that he not only signed for me special with a nice inscription in French – but drew a sketch of my favorite painting of his in the inside flap.  Jacques Ousson is still one of my favorite artists today.  From time-to-time I look through that catalog and at the personal sketch to me.  His paintings still make me sigh.  Check out his site – he is truly amazing 🙂

New painting :)

I finally have a shot of

The Entertainers

the diptych I just completed…  It is titled “The Entertainers” and is part of my For Your Entertain

ment series.  I completed the first panel (rt) at the end of 2007 and did not begin the other panel until this last fall, finishing it up

last week.  Am already working on a new piece for this series that I will post pics of as soon as I make some headway on it.

Hope everyone had a Valentine’s day to remember….


Studio time

I am just about done with the diptych I’ve been working on from my “For Your Entertainment” series – it’s been a long time coming, unfortunately!  I’m really enjoying my studio more than ever because we’ve resolved my lighting issue.  It is the diptych I’m shown with on my In the Studio page.   I’ve already started on another painting for this series, as well, that I am very excited about – I’ll post a picture of that as soon as I make a bit of headway on it.

Still getting into the encaustic piece I started and am loving working with the wax!  Love the textures and filmy images that are beginning to pop.  Will definitely do several more of these 🙂

Am still looking for whole, used guitar/bass strings from anyone interested in recycling them…  I’m dying to dig into this project!

Living Dead Dolls

I am selling a lot of my Living Dead Dolls if anyone is interested…  This artist lifestyle can be expensive!  I have several double sets and minis and several of the early series.  Anyone interested email me asap, as I am beginning to list them on ebay.  Thanks!

Strings attached

I am continuing a 3 dimensional project which uses used, whole guitar/bass strings.  It is an ongoing  process that is in need of materials…  I only have a limited supply of strings, as I only have regular access to one man’s discards.  I am assembling sculptures and have one done that used approximately 3 sets, which was not nearly enough for what I initially intended.  I would love to find some local musicians that would be interested in saving them whole after changing them so I can continue with my project without it taking forever.   With enough donated, I can assemble enough to get this project out of my system.

I live in Largo, FL, and if anyone in the area or the surrounding cities is interested, please save them!   It takes quite a few, so if anyone is or knows of any busy musicians that faithfully change their strings a lot, maybe you’d be interested?  If you are an avid donater, I can make it worth it to stockpile them – I will trade a sculpture for them.  As I’ve said – I need a lot…  but any that can be donated would be greatly appreciated – and you can feel good because you’re recycling!  🙂


I have been playing around with an encaustic project since over the summer – dawdling happily toward what looks kind of cool.  It is so different than what I’ve been working with (oils, mostly) and is very interesting to see the layers of wax transform everything underneath them to a soft and fuzzy form.  I like this softness – this underwater-like feeling they project.  I have only begun this venture, but I can see a lot potential pieces coming up!  Must find a reasonably priced lot of beeswax, though… Have been looking in the local stores to find it at pretty high prices.  Suggestions, anyone?