Month: April 2010

Good Day

I planted my sunflowers today and I must say, gardening is hard work… Seems as though everywhere I dug, there was a giant root trying to prevent my beautification plans.  The rewards will be great and well worth the back strain, so I persisted and won the competition for the perfect spot for the huge summer blooms.  This summer I will really love sitting on my back porch watching them sway in the wind, their giant, brightness smiling at me.  I sowed in a spot that is also visible from the front so I will see them welcoming me home every day, making me even more glad to be back from wherever I go.

Working on “Bob” today with good results.  Happy.  Using my new Kolinsky sable brushes, so it is more enjoyable than it has been with my worn out ones.  I lost all my old good brushes during one of our moves a couple of years ago and have been making due with cheaper, less durable ones.  I must be rough on them because I lose a few heads in the mineral spirits on occasion… not good for keeping up with momentum.

I will post “Bob” soon to show you, seeing as the end of the month is growing near.  I will be done.  More rewards for me 🙂   It is raining outside and the wind is talking to me… no need for music in the studio today.  I will listen and just paint.

losing it…

I’m finally back in the studio working on “Bob”.  I’ve missed the smells here – the paint, specifically, and mineral spirits… I must remember to open the window, though –  I don’t think I can afford to lose any more brain cells.  I don’t think I can afford to lose any more brain cells.  I plan to complete my work on “Bob” by the months end, so I am working on him tonight even though I worked a long day today.  My back is tired and my energy level is dipping low, but I have coffee.

The last two weeks I spent getting MRIs and EMGs done.  Anyone ever had an EMG?  Strangely relaxing, even though you are being shocked and poked with tiny needles from head to toe…I figure they aren’t cutting me open, so have at it.  For some reason I have become a pincushion and am okay with that.  I am sure Doc will tell me to slow down on everything I love, but here is a pill to make it all better.  I think I just need an around-the-clock masseuse and some new cute shoes.  Must find a doctor to prescribe that…

Did I already talk about losing brain cells?  Well, I watched Seraphine with Nolen the other day…interesting and a bit sad.   “Great”, he joked at the end… “that’s what I can look forward to.”   I just told him that it wasn’t the artist in her that made her crazy – it was all that damn laundry!  I, too, was joking, but wouldn’t you know – when I got home from work the next day, my Sweetbaby had done the laundry…   Gotta love the little things in life.   🙂

The Southern Atelier

Today I took a drive down to Sarasota to visit the Southern Atelier studios.  It was an inspirational visit, as I was really blown away by the art the students were producing under the instruction of the teachers there.  Very impressive, traditional style portraiture covered the walls, making it easy to see the studios success inevitable.  The owner and main instructor is from New York and very talented.  It most definitely will be worth the drive to pursue a workshop or classes in the future.

As far as my work is going – it is coming along slower than I had anticipated, but I am crawling out of the muck that had muddled my brain, sucking the inspiration out of me lately.  I have but a few short weeks to go on my quest to complete “Bob” and with some extra hours put in this weekend I will prevail.  This visit to Sarasota has inspired me to work.  I must stop making the mistake of feeling fatigue and allowing it to conquer my work schedule, which has vanished over these past few weeks.

I have a painting up for auction in October, benefiting breast cancer research – I will give details as soon as I get them in.  Until then – happy painting 🙂

Sisyphus in the Studio…

Sometimes something completely unexpected and out of your control occurs that makes you realize how quickly life can get really out of control.  You then realize how very unimportant some things are which were so huge before, and just how big the little things really are.   I have been way-layed a bit, and feeling a bit like Sisyphus.  In other words, life has been kicking my ass.   Not to worry… I have re-focused; re-wound my biological clock.  No – I am not talking about having babies, here – just re-prioritizing a few things, manufacturing an importance of order and simplicity over perpetual investment.   Sounds way cooler, to me.

I am still working on “Bob” – my latest painting.  I have not put brush to canvas in weeks, now and I miss it.  I still have a pool of dried paint and medium on my palette, left from my last studio encounter.  Scraping it down will be rewarding – an act of metaphorical existence; a fresh start to this project started before my lapse in studio time; a new execution of an old commitment.   I will render this painting done by the month of May, if I am persistent in my work.  Wish me luck, friends.  I really look forward this piece – I feel I have captured something rare in this one and I will be excited to see the final phase in sight.