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Kelly Strong

Kelly Strong was academically exposed to music and visual arts since the age of 10. She studied fine art and painting in classical style, and obtained her B.F.A. from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids as well as an A.S. degree in Graphic Arts. She then studied illustration at UCF in Orlando, and modern art styles in traditional fashion under the influence of her cousin and renowned artist Charles Arnoldi, before traveling through Europe for inspiration and artistic exploration. Her professional art career experience spans in studio fine artwork, digital graphics, photography, writing, private painting classes, interiors consulting and murals. “The main focus of my work is the examination of human fragility, mortality and our instinctive response to abnormal situations, sometimes pinpointing specific instances of pain, damage, vulnerability and the effects these factors present. I believe it necessary to push the viewer to a higher understanding of human damage and find relationships between themselves and their reactions to what is presented as a catalyst toward developing a more empathetic response, acceptance and coexistence.