Jacques Ousson

There is a French artist I met several years ago when I worked at 531 Central Fine Art in downtown St. Petersburg.  This artist inspired me – his paintings made an incredible impact on  the way I looked at landscape painting, influencing my conclusion that not all landscapes are so green or landscape-y.  Not only did his work blow me away, but his demeanor.  He seemed to not notice the crowds surrounding him and was very comfortable and obliging to all the questions asked of him – all through a translator.  I have a show catalog, still of his that he not only signed for me special with a nice inscription in French – but drew a sketch of my favorite painting of his in the inside flap.  Jacques Ousson is still one of my favorite artists today.  From time-to-time I look through that catalog and at the personal sketch to me.  His paintings still make me sigh.  Check out his site – he is truly amazing 🙂    http://www.ousson.com

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