I have found an open art studio at the Art Center in downtown St. Pete.    I went today, a bit nervous since I haven’t drawn a live model in quite some time, but was happy to find it extremely relaxing and satisfying.   It was a great space.  A large room full of artists, some more experienced than others, but all there with the same intensity and focus.  All glowing with a passion for art and a need to create.  It is the place I must spend my Saturdays, engaging with other artists and focusing on my craft.  It is a definite and forced creative block of time during my week of chaos and perpetual excuses for not tapping into my beloved other world – the undomesticated, raw reality that I can escape to and create from within.   I will look forward to open studio Saturdays at the Art Center to exercise my skills and prime my hand for the work ahead.

3 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. Gotta love life drawing! I was at the Box tonight, while a class worked from a model. The teacher in me never dies … but I resisted the urge to help them find the line and movement.
    Didn’t draw. Went back to my studio and painted 🙂

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