the path

Pinellas Park, Fl, I have found have found, has a farmers/art market on Tuesday mornings.  Nice to find one that is not on the weekend and overcrowded…   I will go and check out the wares next week.  Also, in the Park Station building is an open painting studio open most of the day – a great treat for my Tuesday mornings (late mornings, that is) that are otherwise spent running errands and trying to get motivation and creative inspiration at the grocery store.  I am looking forward to seeing the other artists in the area there extracting creative passions during the daylight hours with great hopes that I, too will become one of them.  I know I can never give up my sacred studio time during the late night and wee morning hours, but surely painting with the daywalkers will secure my inspiration around the clock.  Another dedicated block of forced creativity will train my lazy old body to put  those beloved brushes to canvas when I tell it to.  My better half insists that if art is the path I am truly destined to follow, then nothing would block my travels.  He is right, and my aim is to keep walking forward and quit stopping to ask directions.  I know the way – I just need to believe I do, just as he has always done.

2 thoughts on “the path

    1. It’s hard to tell… Of course I will automatically say wee/late night hours at first impulse. But, most disturbing things go on during the light – when you really observe people in their environment, they are truly weird. People are uncomfortable in their own skins a lot of the time, and odd reactions occur to the simplest things. So, where ever they come from…they just do…from inside my head (see -weird).

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