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losing it…

I’m finally back in the studio working on “Bob”.  I’ve missed the smells here – the paint, specifically, and mineral spirits… I must remember to open the window, though –  I don’t think I can afford to lose any more brain cells.  I don’t think I can afford to lose any more brain cells.  I plan to complete my work on “Bob” by the months end, so I am working on him tonight even though I worked a long day today.  My back is tired and my energy level is dipping low, but I have coffee.

The last two weeks I spent getting MRIs and EMGs done.  Anyone ever had an EMG?  Strangely relaxing, even though you are being shocked and poked with tiny needles from head to toe…I figure they aren’t cutting me open, so have at it.  For some reason I have become a pincushion and am okay with that.  I am sure Doc will tell me to slow down on everything I love, but here is a pill to make it all better.  I think I just need an around-the-clock masseuse and some new cute shoes.  Must find a doctor to prescribe that…

Did I already talk about losing brain cells?  Well, I watched Seraphine with Nolen the other day…interesting and a bit sad.   “Great”, he joked at the end… “that’s what I can look forward to.”   I just told him that it wasn’t the artist in her that made her crazy – it was all that damn laundry!  I, too, was joking, but wouldn’t you know – when I got home from work the next day, my Sweetbaby had done the laundry…   Gotta love the little things in life.   🙂

Espresso it is!

A friend gave me information on a studio in Sarasota that looks incredible – a bit of a drive for me here in Largo, but worth the travel.   The Southern Atelier has workshops, sessions, classes and open studios at a variety of times during the week.  They teach the classical style of portraiture, figure painting and landscape as well as plein air painting.  I plan to make the drive next week to check out the facility and see how I can put some open studio time there on my regular schedule.   http://thesouthernatelier.org/

My new painting, “Bob”  is coming into its own and I am excited with its progress.  I will need to put in some serious studio time this week to complete it and get it posted on my website and blog – hopefully within the next two weeks.  I have cluttered my workspace with dead dolls and I will be finding new homes for them tomorrow with any luck.  Anyone interested in Living Dead Dolls is welcome to inquire about what I have left that I can part with.

My husband and I took my parents out to dinner for their March birthdays tonight so we are all overstuffed and have a nice wine buzz happening… I will probably head off to slumber sooner than my body is used to.  An espresso may be in order to finish my tasks tonight… This is a choice of two best friends, here – coffee or Temperpedic… tough one, as they both give me such pleasure…  Espresso it is!

Creating the Not-So-Pretty

If I can stop one heart from breaking,

I shall not live in vain:

If I can ease one life the aching,

Or cool the pain,

Or help one fainting robin

Unto his nest again,

I shall not live in vain.

Not in VainEmily Dickinson

I know some say that art can not – will not change the world, but one can hope it can make some difference.  I, for one, do not paint for “pretty’s” sake.  I feel a cathartic rise when I am in the studio.  I don’t have unrealistic hopes, though, that I will change the world – I just want to make my viewers think for a minute or two.  Is that really too much to ask?  I wonder if it is, sometimes when I am putting my soul into a piece that means so much to me.  It is then that I whip out some pretty.  It really sells, doesn’t it – the pretty.  Unfortunately, it isn’t enough for me.  I somehow feel it necessary to force my opinion and what makes me feel good to say upon others.  Does this make me egotistical – to think I have something so important to say, or that I have the right to say it to begin with?  Maybe so.  I reserve the right as an artist to put it out there.  If one doesn’t like, one doesn’t have to look.  I do hope that when one doesn’t like, they think about what it is presented – that is the most important thing to me.  If they still don’t like, so be it.  They have experienced it – it has not been created for any other reason but the experience to take with them.  That alone means I do not create in vain.


I love the work of Stephen Hannock, an incredible luminist painter out of New York.  I was trying to find a copy of his book, Luminosity: the Paintings of Stephen Hannock online tonight for a reasonable price – with no luck, sadly.  If you’re not familiar with his work, check him out – he creates breathtaking landscapes.  He is the artist responsible for the fantasy-like scenes in the movie What Dreams May Come….Awesome and beautiful.  http://www.stephenhannock.com/

Studio time

I am just about done with the diptych I’ve been working on from my “For Your Entertainment” series – it’s been a long time coming, unfortunately!  I’m really enjoying my studio more than ever because we’ve resolved my lighting issue.  It is the diptych I’m shown with on my In the Studio page.   I’ve already started on another painting for this series, as well, that I am very excited about – I’ll post a picture of that as soon as I make a bit of headway on it.

Still getting into the encaustic piece I started and am loving working with the wax!  Love the textures and filmy images that are beginning to pop.  Will definitely do several more of these 🙂

Am still looking for whole, used guitar/bass strings from anyone interested in recycling them…  I’m dying to dig into this project!

Living Dead Dolls

I am selling a lot of my Living Dead Dolls if anyone is interested…  This artist lifestyle can be expensive!  I have several double sets and minis and several of the early series.  Anyone interested email me asap, as I am beginning to list them on ebay.  Thanks!

Strings attached

I am continuing a 3 dimensional project which uses used, whole guitar/bass strings.  It is an ongoing  process that is in need of materials…  I only have a limited supply of strings, as I only have regular access to one man’s discards.  I am assembling sculptures and have one done that used approximately 3 sets, which was not nearly enough for what I initially intended.  I would love to find some local musicians that would be interested in saving them whole after changing them so I can continue with my project without it taking forever.   With enough donated, I can assemble enough to get this project out of my system.

I live in Largo, FL, and if anyone in the area or the surrounding cities is interested, please save them!   It takes quite a few, so if anyone is or knows of any busy musicians that faithfully change their strings a lot, maybe you’d be interested?  If you are an avid donater, I can make it worth it to stockpile them – I will trade a sculpture for them.  As I’ve said – I need a lot…  but any that can be donated would be greatly appreciated – and you can feel good because you’re recycling!  🙂


I have been playing around with an encaustic project since over the summer – dawdling happily toward what looks kind of cool.  It is so different than what I’ve been working with (oils, mostly) and is very interesting to see the layers of wax transform everything underneath them to a soft and fuzzy form.  I like this softness – this underwater-like feeling they project.  I have only begun this venture, but I can see a lot potential pieces coming up!  Must find a reasonably priced lot of beeswax, though… Have been looking in the local stores to find it at pretty high prices.  Suggestions, anyone?

Crybaby Dork

I have an excuse for not doing pretty much anything that deals directly with performing in front of, near, around the general vicinity, or with other people.  When I say “performing,” I mean drawing, painting, reciting – not singing, dancing or acting, as I would completely fall out if expected to seriously do any of those.  Outside of a few karaoke ditties croaked out under the influence of many martinis, real performing doesn’t even pertain to me.  But… to perform my craft in a classroom setting or plein air does, and it mortifies me.

I have made a decision, though, that it is necessary to “get over it.”   I am a grown women, for Pete’s sake – I am not stuck in that nightmare where you go to school naked and are wandering the halls because you can’t find your locker.  But, nonetheless, it takes a tremendous amount of anxious energy to drag myself to the arts center for open drawing studio time.  I look forward to it until the day comes and I break into a nasty panic.  I am proud of my work – I just can’t find my words when I have to talk about it and can’t seem to concentrate on my work or what my hands are doing if there are people anywhere close to me.   As I get older, it seems I want to be around fewer and fewer people for a  lesser and lesser amount of time.  I love the isolation of my own studio – my own little cave.  Wondering what could possibly make me such a wreck when I am doing what I love, makes me crazy and I wonder if I am just a great big crybaby dork, or if this is solvable without succumbing to Prozac.  Hope to hear that I’m not alone on this – and any possible solutions… any other crybaby dorks out there?