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Summer Breeze…

With coffee in hand, I am sitting outside waiting for rain. Just a sprinkle to cool down the scorching heat of summer. Still in my night clothes at 3 p.m. And trying to get motivated, I tolerate the heat outside on my back porch, private and green, flourishing plant life from these summer showers. Herb garden is plush and fruitful. Vegetables, not-so much. The summer was too extreme and each new leaf withered without bearing anything yummy. The one puny, green tomato that endured was maliciously snitched from me by a hungry fruit rat. Under my watchful eyes, a mere 20 feet away, the slinky critter plucked it and ran into the night. I think I heard it laughing at me… My nurturing efforts were abolished in one clean sweep from this bandit. At least the caterpillars have abandoned the basil for now and caprese salad is abundant. We are now a gluten-free household and even though I miss my Saltiness, we are glad for the rain to nourish the herbs and flowers, making the temperature and the stagnant breeze a bit sweeter.

My studio has remained unoccupied for months and it looks as sad as I am for abandoning it. The unfinished work stares at me each day as I peek in to jog some inspiration and motivation. Thoughts are brewing and ideas are abound. Energy is at an all time low. The mundane household duties have over run my time, mixing in with somewhat mandatory social engagements and work that actually pays the bills.

This is the week, though, that breaks the cycle. Things are coming to fruition and time will be allotted to unleash the creative flow again. It seems I’ve painted everything except canvas these past few months, and even as I admire the newness of the media room, kitchen and front bathroom, it fails to fulfill any artistic need. The living room will come together soon, as scheduled, but will definitely come behind time in my lonely studio. A garage sale is in order here to alleviate the clutter bogging down our energy. I believe we have just too much furniture, for when we are in our creative mode we have the fewest guests to utilize it. My adoration of antique chairs must be squelched for my own good!

For tonight, work is scheduled for me and Nolen’s melodies will fill the house while I am gone. I will plan tomorrow’s clutter resolution for a productive weekend with my oils and brushes. Dinner is in the oven and I am 3 tall cups into a pot of coffee. Ready, set, go!

Quiller stealer…

Sometimes I can rework the paint on my palette over and over, trying to find the exact color that is in my head.  It isn’t that it is necessary to the integrity of the subject matter – I just want what I want and will work the paint until it is there, glistening and silky and has turned exactly the color I see when I close my eyes.  It is rewarding. Nonetheless… I am in search of a Quiller wheel – like the one my Color class teacher from school had us use every time we even thought of mixing paint.  She was crazy as a loon, but right on about color.  I have other color wheels, but not the same as the Quiller wheel which, by the way, someone “borrowed” from my school studio- Quiller stealer.   I will search one out online, as I haven’t found one locally.  I think it  may save me a bit of time – and precious energy, and I am in need of both.   The imagery in my head seems to  fade as my energy level drops…just like a video game.   Need to fuel up at the coffee shop, now……mmmmmmmm.

force finish

I am up in the wee hours of the morning, examining the painting I’ve been working on.  I am nearing the finish, or so I feel right now… a finish will be forced, as usual.  I rarely can look upon a “completed” piece and feel that closure I expect.  I have yet to judge a painting really, definitely complete.  They may be framed, they may be sold, but they may not be  “done”.  I can let go, slowly to the emotion attached to each piece as it walks away, but not without wishing I would have had it back on my easel for a moment of final examination.  I will finish this piece very soon, but not without re-attacking the other half of this diptych- again.  It is still mine to control, to violate, to smear with emotion.


I have found an open art studio at the Art Center in downtown St. Pete.    I went today, a bit nervous since I haven’t drawn a live model in quite some time, but was happy to find it extremely relaxing and satisfying.   It was a great space.  A large room full of artists, some more experienced than others, but all there with the same intensity and focus.  All glowing with a passion for art and a need to create.  It is the place I must spend my Saturdays, engaging with other artists and focusing on my craft.  It is a definite and forced creative block of time during my week of chaos and perpetual excuses for not tapping into my beloved other world – the undomesticated, raw reality that I can escape to and create from within.   I will look forward to open studio Saturdays at the Art Center to exercise my skills and prime my hand for the work ahead.


I worked today, so I am physically drained.  Even so, my mind has not shut down for the night.  There will be no studio time for me tonight, unfortunately.  I will be thinking, though, of putting brush to canvas and finally finishing the piece I have been working on for what seems forever.  A lot of factors have kept me from my studio in the past – something I need to resolve,  and will resolve…mainly it is my own procrastinating nature.  My most creative times are deep into the night and wee hours of the morning – by then, I tend to burn my body out before I make it into the studio.  I can tell myself I am getting older, but this excuse is just that  – another excuse.  Francis Bacon awoke early each morning, proceeded to spend the early part of most days indulging at  the corner bar – and still worked in his studio afterward for the remainder of each and every day.  He was truly a great artist.  He needed to create, express, share with the world his twisted thoughts and views.  He was rewarded for his persistence, inside and out.  I must overcome my humble nature and go forth with boldness.  I do not create art just for me to look upon what I already know and feel.  I create out of necessity to express my soul to you.  Maybe I will, then, get into that studio tonight.  I have so much to tell you…