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Studio time

I am just about done with the diptych I’ve been working on from my “For Your Entertainment” series – it’s been a long time coming, unfortunately!  I’m really enjoying my studio more than ever because we’ve resolved my lighting issue.  It is the diptych I’m shown with on my In the Studio page.   I’ve already started on another painting for this series, as well, that I am very excited about – I’ll post a picture of that as soon as I make a bit of headway on it.

Still getting into the encaustic piece I started and am loving working with the wax!  Love the textures and filmy images that are beginning to pop.  Will definitely do several more of these 🙂

Am still looking for whole, used guitar/bass strings from anyone interested in recycling them…  I’m dying to dig into this project!

force finish

I am up in the wee hours of the morning, examining the painting I’ve been working on.  I am nearing the finish, or so I feel right now… a finish will be forced, as usual.  I rarely can look upon a “completed” piece and feel that closure I expect.  I have yet to judge a painting really, definitely complete.  They may be framed, they may be sold, but they may not be  “done”.  I can let go, slowly to the emotion attached to each piece as it walks away, but not without wishing I would have had it back on my easel for a moment of final examination.  I will finish this piece very soon, but not without re-attacking the other half of this diptych- again.  It is still mine to control, to violate, to smear with emotion.